How to Address Hearing Difficulties?

Hearing health is a pressing issue that often arises in audiology offices. Typically, decreased auditory acuity relates to buildup in the ear canal. To restore normal function, medical procedures to remove obstructions may be necessary. In Russia alone, 4% of the population faces cerumen impaction. Excessive wax production, anatomical variations, or hormonal changes in earwax composition can be key culprits. Desperate patients may attempt do-it-yourself solutions with herbal candles of questionable efficacy that risk burning the inner ear. Consulting a specialist for accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment is best. Here are cutting-edge options for cerumen removal:

Cerumenolysis - A medicated "cocktail" of 3% hydrogen peroxide, Remo-Vax, A-Cerumen, or similar drugs softens and loosens blockages when instilled into the ear canal. This technique can also protectively clear wax before it becomes problematic.

Irrigation - Carefully rinsing with warm water under mild pressure. However, specialized equipment is required for safe home use. Contraindications include inflammation, perforated eardrums, external otitis, or vulnerable vestibular function. Excessive water pressure risks triggering dizziness.

Aspiration - This technique involves no fluids. Instead, gentle suction divides and draws out the obstruction. Aspiration is considered the safest, least inflammatory cerumen removal method.

Instrumental Curettage - Curettage borders on an ear operation. It is indicated when contraindications like perforations, otitis, prior middle ear surgery, or balance issues rule out other techniques.

With cutting-edge solutions from irrigation to aspiration, people experiencing hearing loss due to cerumen impaction can find safe, effective relief after proper diagnosis.

We've compiled the top 10 advanced products and techniques you can utilize to tackle hearing loss.


Relaton is a revolutionary new development from Israeli specialists that helps restore hearing without invasive surgery. Before launch in Europe, the supplement underwent multiple clinical trials confirming its efficacy.


Calminax is an all-natural hearing enhancer made for home use. Without any synthetic additives that may cause addiction or complications, this innovative formula improves hearing quality regardless of the underlying cause. Certified for safety and efficacy, these gentle drops are designed for self-administration, no doctor's visits required.


Ottomax is an all-natural pill for better hearing and ear health. Millions in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Italy already use this formula. Many say it works better than drugs because it is completely natural. Here are the top benefits and results! Over 1 million sold and many positive reviews. Ottomax is a natural way to […]


Atinnuris is a remedy worth purchasing if you have some hearing issues. In fact, hearing problems are very common, but there aren't many drugs that bring fairly positive results, which raises a logical question about what is best to buy. And most people eventually choose Atinnuris. Atinnuris is not just another pharmacy remedy that does […]
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