Banish Bunions for Good: Solutions for Correcting Hallux Valgus

Hallux valgus, commonly called a bunion, occurs when the big toe angles toward the second toe, causing a protruding bump on the joint. This progressively worsens over time, making walking normally painful and uncomfortable. While once considered an age-related change, bunions are now appearing in younger people too. How can you treat and prevent bunion discomfort for pain-free movement?

Surgical Intervention

The most well-known and reliable bunion treatment is surgery. Advances in the 21st century have led to around 400 surgical options to address varying levels of deformity and particular problematic foot areas. If caught early while still mild, a fairly simple surgery without bone sawing can realign the tendon attachment to the bone for quick 2-3 week recovery. More severe stage 2 or 3 bunions require more involved procedures:

  • Distal technique - for under 14° big toe-second toe angle, removing the bump via bone cutting
  • Diaphyseal technique - for 15°-22° bone angle, addressing larger deformity
  • Proximal method - over 22° angle requires this more major procedure

The specific surgical approach depends on the anatomical peculiarities, joint surface preservation, and pathology severity. After surgery, patients wear special rehabilitation shoes for around 1 month to redistribute front-of-foot weight. Post-op activity restrictions apply.

Correcting Flat Valgus Deformities

Fixing flexible flatfoot valgus has some different surgical options not based on deformity degree:

  • Tendon transfer to realign the flattened arch
  • Lateral column extension
  • Arthrodesis fixing the Lisfranc joint
  • Arthroeresis implant for stability
  • Triple arthrodesis fusing three foot joints

We've compiled the 10 most effective products to help you find relief from bunion discomfort and realign your big toe.


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