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Delivery Hours
9:30am to 6pm
Monday thru Friday

Wilmington 9:30am to 1pm

Kratzer's Hometown Pharmacy
179 W. Locust St.
Wilmington, OH 45177


Prescription Program: Our 1 Price Prescription Program was developed to bring mail-order customers back to their local pharmacies. Call for pricing

At Kratzerís Hometown Pharmacy, you are never a number, never a customer, never just a patient. When you come to Kratzerís you're a friend, a neighbor, a relative. Our level of care goes beyond that of a simple business transaction. Because, at Kratzerís we treat you like the person you deserve to be treated. You are an individual, your needs are different than those of any other, and thatís just how we see you.

Everyday we strive to bring innovative solutions to members of the extended Kratzer family. These solutions include things like leveraging just-in-time inventory, bringing total patient costs down, unique supply chain management, insuring that we can always located your medication, even if it is out of stock, and finding lower cost solutions.

Remember, good customer service is not free gifts or self serving banter with customers, good service is caring about those we serve. Good service also includes strict adherence to all medical regulations, including insuring your medical privacy, honest billing to your Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance. Anything less would be unacceptable.

If you are not currently being served by the most professional, most educated, fastest growing and largest locally owned pharmacy in Clinton County, we invite you to stop in and check out our service, we personally guarantee that it is the highest level of service that you will receive, please stop in today.

Kratzerís offers some of the most competitive cash pricing available. However, if you have Medicaid or private insurance, your costs are the same no matter where you go, so why not get the service and respect that you deserve.

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